rockii tree peony roots for sale

rockii tree peony roots for sale

 Rockii peony is a variety of tree peony, is known for the obvious black, purple, and brown-red spots at the base of petals. Grafted peony plants of 1-3branches, 20-45 cm; peony seedlings of 1branch/2branch/3branch. Luminous Jade Cup and Snow Lotus are famous. 100000 rockii peonies are offered every year.

Rockii peony has some major advantages includes: 
1.cold-resistance (can survive cold winter with minimum temperature -43 centigrade without artificial protection)
3.strong fragrance 
4.wide crown diameter
5.easy to grow, require very little care 
Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Industry Co. Ltd. was started in 1993; aim to build a communicating bridge for international customer----“Green Channel” of plants export from China. 133.33 hectare of Zhongchuan Peony Nursery is our strong supporter! The experience of exporting peony plants for 10 years made us have the most professional technology of plants package for increasing the rate of customs clearance. 
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