Buy Rockii Peony Bare Root

Buy Rockii Peony Bare Root

2012 the peony prices climbing 

Peony about 20% in prices over the same period last year in Shandong China, according to the survey.

There are two main reasons resulted in peony prices rising.

Firstly, peony prices was low, so many peony flower growers stopped growing which significantly reduced the area of peony nursery in the previous year. However, this year the peony demand is increasing around the world, which results in the peony prices is gradually rebounding.

Secondly, many peony flower growers who didn’t plant peony seedlings before start to actively grow because of the peony price recovery. This phenomenon makes the labor cost climb which also have a big effect on peony price.

This year, the best-seller are Da Hu Hong, Zhuang Yuan Hong and Shou An Hong, and so on. The demand of these varieties exceeds supply in the market. So peony prices by about 20%. It is expected to rise in the next year.

Although the price of grafted rockii peony seedlings is arising???our company will supply peony seedlings wiht high quality and low price.


In the wave of peony prices climbing, Gansu Zhongchun Peony Nursery has been the supremacy of customer service philosophy to work hard in 2000 acres peony garden, patiently breed peonies and peony plant seedlings. No shortage! Never raise peony price! Truly serve our customers!

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